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Manage: Shows the defined surveys and allows surveys to be added, modified or removed.

To define a survey we must first give it a name, (which will later be used in the script) and type of survey (PRE will present the survey before the conversation with the operator and POST will present the survey after the conversation). Furthermore, if the survey is PRE, we can indicate whether we want it to be displayed if operators are available, not available or both.

Once the survey has been added it will appear in the defined survey list and we can configure the questions. This is carried out by clicking on the Questions of the desired survey. The text of the question is entered (Text field) and depending on the type of survey we can add various types of question:

Remember, that for the survey to be presented to end customers, the integration code must include the SUR parameter (if the survey is post conversation) and/or SURPRE if the survey is carried out before the conversation with the operator.

Results: Shows the answers for the selected survey for the selected period of time. The list of answers is grouped by question and in decreasing order. Answers can be grouped by operator.

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