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Daily Statistics: daily operator activity statistics. Only for the last 30 days. Shows the operator’s connect and disconnect times, the conversations held, messages sent...

Conversation List: displays a list with the operator’s daily conversations. It has a calendar to permit selecting the day to be checked. One can only see conversations from the past 30 days. If you want to see a longer list, you can obtain one using Report Generation.

Monthly statistics: displays cumulative operator statistics for the past 6 months.

Statistical Data – Statistics: lets you view monthly service data. On the upper part of the screen there is a small calendar for the last 6 months. When you click on any given month, you can see the data for the selected month.

The statistics that are available are as follows:

Online Conversations: number of calls handled by the operators. Offline Conversations: offline messages received, answered, deleted and pending.

Access to operator statistics.

This shows a list of the operators available at the site, with the total time they have been connected for the selected period. You can consult the statistical data for each operator. Click on “View statistics” for the desired operator.

The data displayed is: Online Messages Sent, Offline Messages, Operator Use, and Number of Online Consultations.

Online Messages shows the number of messages sent in all the consultations, and should not be confused with Number of Online consultations. An online message sent is a line of text written by the operator, followed by the Enter. Each consultation is composed of the online messages sent by the operator.

Statistical Data – Report Generator: allows the creation of a file with the data selected by the administrator. Each consultation is stored in a file that the administrator can open and save. The files are generated in the background and it is guaranteed that they will be stored within 12 hours. The file can be generated in XML format, or in text format, separated by semicolons.

When the administrator generates a report, it will appear in the available report list, being shown as Pending in the Status column. In the Options column Erase will be shown, equivalent to canceling the report. When the report has been generated, the Status will change to Processed and the Options will show Save.

Statistical Data – Control Panel: shows the current operator status and a summary of their daily, weekly and monthly activity. In the Availability column the site’s operators will be listed, and a colored icon will show their status:
Green The operator is connected and is not attending any call.
Amber The operator is attending one or more calls, but has not reached the highest number of calls possible.
Red The operator is either disconnected or has reached the highest calls possible.

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