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4.1 Operators and Categories:

Creating Operators:

As the volume of concurrent users and site queries grows, Site-Alive offers you the possibility of adding operators to the service. The data required to create an operator are as follows:

Login: unique operator identification. There will never be two operators with the same login.

Password: operators need the operator password in order to connect.

Concurrent Calls: maximum number of conversations that an operator can handle at one time. If the operator is already handling their maximum number of calls, they will not receive any more.

Tools: list of special tools assigned to the operator.

This graphic example shows the list of operators in a site. As we can see, the operators have names and all of them have a maximum reasonable number of concurrent calls because this number is not defined.

Categories (Groups of operators):

The administrator may, at any time, create groups of operators, which we call categories. This allows them to group operators by themes and permits a redistribution of incoming calls by theme. To create a category it is necessary to provide the following data:

Name: unique category name.

Description: brief information regarding the theme of the category.

Priority: the degree of importance of the categories in the administratorís account. This information is essential if you wish to distribute the calls by order of priority.

This other example shows the different categories defined by an administrator. The priority will establish the order of importance of the groups and will allow improved call distribution.

Assigning Operators to Categories:

Once the list of categories is available, the administrator may choose the level of knowledge of each category for each operator. To do so, an operator is chosen, and will be assigned:

Category: theme group regarding which the operator has certain knowledge.

Priority: operator knowledge level for the selected category.

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