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1. Introduction

Site-Alive is an online assistance application that provides support to all user types. It is a non-intrusive system that does not require installation on the computers of users, operators or service administrators 1.

The application is used via the Web and since it uses http protocol, it is independent of the operating system 2. It can be integrated with any platform and is accessible to any user with a navigator.

Communication between operators and users is stored in the database. Only the service administrator can see the dialogues.

Site-Alive has a series of powerful tools that provide a high level of interaction between clients and users. Tools like Cosurfing and Floating banner... offer a new perspective about online support, unlike static systems where the operator simply remains on standby. Site-Alive makes it possible for their operators to take the first step to help users that are faced with problems.

1 The different application user types will be detailed later.
2 Audio/Video/Spell checking/SysTray modules are working on Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003 only.

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