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Logo: allows you to customize the log on the upper part of the screen. All you need to do is upload the image, and users will see the new logo.

If the banner is not customized, the name of the website will be displayed on the upper part of the user window.

Note: the banner must measure 122 X 34.

Buttons & Banner: this option lets you configure a list of buttons for the website account. Each button will have a name assigned and two addresses, corresponding to the image for the Online button and for the Offline button.

Once the button has been customized, its name can be included in the service integration code, specifically in the button parameter.

The chosen in this section image is also showed when operator clicks Show floating banner in Site Activity.

Note: when you integrate a customized button, the image that will be displayed is the one that is established in this section, which means that the Multilanguage option will be lost. In any case, the list of buttons is unlimited, and, therefore, you can customize as many buttons as there are languages in the website.

Console Colors: this option lets you configure user’s chat colors, i.e. background color and text colors.

System Messages: You can personalize the different messages that Site-Alive displays automatically, for example, the welcome message, call queuing message, no operators available etc. Each message is associated to the language in which it has been defined. If you have personalized a message remember that the language in which it has been defined has to be identical to that shown in the LANG parameter of the integration script, otherwise the message will not be displayed.

Remember that the welcome message automatically shows the name of the operator that attends the call. If the operator has not written a name in the “Operator Name” field when logging in then by default their login will be displayed.

Fixed Responses: You can organize your frequent answers in different categories (Do not confuse with operator categories). In this section you can create, modify or erase the different categories under which the answers are classified.

The service administrator may create a list of frequent answers, which can be used by operators to make their work easier.

The answers may be of four kinds:

Text: text answer.

Image: http address of an image. When the operator selects it, it will be displayed in the user’s window.

URL: web address. When the operator clicks here, the user will see a new window with that address.

Sound: http address of a sound file. If the operator clicks on an answer of this type, the user will hear the recorded sound.

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