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2. Application Areas

Site-Alive has four different areas, as we will explain below:

2.0 Super Administration:

Area in which the Site-Alive’s web pages and Site-Alive’s users are managed. It focuses on the creation of the Site-Alive’s web pages, and administrators maintenance and control. In this area, the figure of the Site-Alive owner is essential.

2.1 Administration:

This is the area in which the service is managed. It focuses on the creation of the service account, the creation of operators, and their maintenance and control. In this area, the figure of the Administrator is essential, since they will be the one in charge of managing the service.

2.2 Customer Service:

Area for operators or agents, in charge of answering website user or administrator application queries. They have a window that allows them to be connected while they wait for users to get in touch with them. They also have, in this same window, proactive tools that allow them to establish contact with a user before the user requests such a contact.

When an operator receives a call from a user, it will be seen in the Communications Window, which will allow them to hold a conversation with the customer and, in addition, they will have a series of tools that will make their work easier. In this window, the operator may send text, images, sound... to the user; insert notes regarding the conversation they are holding; transfer the call to another operator... All the conversations between users and operators are recorded in the database for subsequent supervision by the administrator.

2.3 Customers:

This is the user side of the website. It is totally based on the integration of the service in one or more pages of the administrator’s site. As will be seen later, to integrate the service in a web page it is sufficient to paste a brief HTML code in the page’s source code. Once this has been done, the users will be able to see the service button, which will show whether or not there are operators connected and available to assist them with their queries.

When the users click on the button, an Online or Offline communications window will open, allowing them to establish a conversation with the operator, or send them a message that will be answered by email.

In the following sections of this specification, you will discover the possibilities for each type of application user: Administrators, Operators, and Users.

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