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4.3 Administration Options:

Once the administrator has logged in, on the left of the screen they will be able to see an options menu divided into 6 different areas:

Home: configuration of administrator data.

Configuration Wizard: user-friendly creation and maintenance of operators and operatorsí groups + buttons and banner.

Administration: this option displays the administratorís data, and permits changes at any time. The only data the administrator may not modify is their login.

Set Up: creation and maintenance of site operators.

Customization: graphical customization options for the service + predefined messages.

Accounts: allows to see payment status and to pay money.

Surveys: allows the creation of pre and post conversation surveys, as well as consultation of the results stored.

Reporting: statistics regarding operator connections, conversations held...

The following are the different options in these 8 areas, and we comment on the possibilities for each one:

Log out: closes the administratorís session.

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