Affiliate/Referral program | FAQ

Affiliate/Referral program | FAQ
Affiliate/Referral program | FAQ Affiliate/Referral program | FAQ Affiliate/Referral program | FAQ

Affiliate/Referral program

How is the Affiliate-program working?

3 easy steps:
  1. Sign-up as an affiliate;
  2. Get your urls in your members area and place it on your site;
  3. Get 20% of all application registration payments done by visitors from your urls.

How is the Referral-program working?

In your membersarea, you will find your code to refer other webmasters. If someone you referred to Solidlabs Technology signs up under you and places his Solidlabs Technology urls on his site, you will get credited another % of all your webmaster-buddys revenues, 3 levels deep!

What can I earn through referrals?

With the referral program, you can increase your earnings considerably. We offer 3 levels of referral commission:
  • Direct Referral Level 1 - 5%
  • Indirect Referral Level 2 - 3%
  • Indirect Referral Level 3 - 2%

Why am I rewarded for placing Solidlabs Technology on my site?

Because we believe a strong memberbase is much more valuable than investing millions in other expensive marketing. We appreciate your efforts in making Solidlabs Technology one of the most popular software website.

Who can sign-up as affiliate?

We accept affiliates from all over the world. Also if you don't have an own website, you can sign-up as an affiliate and make cash by referring other webmasters.

Where can I find my Urls, Referral-id and more Promotionmaterial?

Just login to your members area and you will find the appropriate menuposition.

Can I modify my Urls?

Yes you can modify the layout (what user see) of your Urls. Anyhow we don't allow url-addresses (hrefs) modifications to guarantee your visitors are concerne with your account.


As soon as you have reached a balance of $50 and more, you can request. After we have monitorred your account we will pay according your instructions. Please allow up to 30 days processing time due to late incoming payments from our advertisers. Currently we pay through Paypal (no handling fee), Webmoney (no handling fee) and check (handling fee $3). All payouts are in US$, other currencies on request.

How can I claim payment?

Once you reach the minimum payment limit you will see a request payment option in your member area. Before you request a payment, make sure your address is correct in your member file. In any case we recommend Paypal as mode of payment as this is the fastest way for you to get your money.

Can I change my personal information, and how?

Yes, you will be able to change all your information, though you won't be able to change the person who referred you to the site. When you enter your account you will find an option that allows you to change your personal information. Currently, you have the option to change your email, address, city, postal code, and website url.

Can I change the person who referred me?

No, It will be unfair to the person who first informed you about us.

Can I change my user name and password?

You can't change your user name, but you can change your password anytime.

Do I need to provide valid information?

Yes. Your must provide your real, valid information in every field. We obviously need your full and completely accurate mailing address in order to send you the check.

I forgot my password. How can I get it?

Visit our website and click on the link "Forgot Your Password" under Affiliate Login Section, then follow the instructions.

How can I cancel my account?

You can cancel your account at any time by login to your account and click on "Terminate/Disable Account". You will not incur any costs or penalties, though you will not be paid the accrued balance in your Solidlabs Technology account if it is lower than $50.

Security, Fairplay and Spam

To prevent from fraud, we have implemented many security tools. We track IPs, searches and a lot more. To protect our partner-advertisers, XRAY-EYE will also block searches if they seam to be fraudulent. If you use our searchbox like a normal user, you won't ever take notice of them. Also, please do not use any kind of spam to gain referrals. We will close your account in this case and you will loose all your credits.

Sign-up as an affiliate

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Affiliate/Referral program | FAQ (Affiliate/Referral program | FAQ)